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    Example Guide for Hosting Photos

    Patrick Moore

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    Example Guide for Hosting Photos

    Post  Patrick Moore on Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:29 pm

    This is a more specific guide on how to host photos.

    1. Click the "Host an image" button(hover over them to see what they do"

    2. Click "Choose File" and navigate to the picture on your hard drive and select it.

    3. Click "Host It" after which you will see something that looks like this

    4. Copy the link in the bottom box where it says "Image Url" (highlight and Ctrl + C or press the copy button)

    Now you have the link, where the image you have just uploaded can be viewed.

    5. Press the "Image" button in the tool bar above your post (hover your mouse over them to see what the buttons do)

    6. Paste the link into the text box which pops up. Now you have successfully placed an image in your post. For example, all the ones in this guide, or a screen shot of this anatomically cut back coping designed in CAD software.

    -Once you have upladed the photo, I'm not sure how you can get a list of all the hosted files, this means you have to insert the images into the post right aftet you have uploaded it.

    -Make sure you preview your post and to ensure you got the correct images in the correct order before posting!

    -Also, before you press the Image button, place your cursor in your post where you want the image to be, otherwise you have to rearrange long links. If you do have to move things around, copy everything between and including

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