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    Welcome~!! and Feedback


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    Welcome~!! and Feedback Empty Welcome~!! and Feedback

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:46 pm

    Why Hello there, I'm happy you're here, as this means I didn't just go about wasting my time - and that you are AWESOME.

    Feel free to browse the forum- its pretty sparse, but thats where you can help. Feel free to start ranting - making polls, announcements, Tips and Tricks of the Clinic. Etc.

    In each category - we hope there will be new additions of "How To" Walkthroughs - they will be in the form of threads. However if you are submitting such a walkthrough- you can also email it to so that we can post it to the File Hosting Site we are using - so that others can DL it.

    if you have any problems logging in or have forum related questions - email

    thanks pals!
    :::: Go ahead and give feedback in this thread, it would be greatly appreciated - especially for the FAQ section.
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