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    Rules of the Forum


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    Rules of the Forum Empty Rules of the Forum

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:26 am

    1: Please be mindful of what we are doing, this should be an open forum that we want to try to keep open.
    2: No libel towards the school or faculty - it’s rude. There is no need for stating what many may already know – keep the word of mouth stuff word of mouth.
    3: All ranting should be put… in The Ranting section… I think we can go free reign there.
    4: No copyright infringement or HIPAA infringements.
    5: Try as hard as possible to keep the site under the radar.
    6: Obviously no posting of any advertising or explicit material. We are strictly PG-17. Meaning cursing is allowed, but nothing else.
    7: Internet Trolls/Douches – I’m watching you. cyclops
    8: No posting of BUSDM exam material – or answers to any examinations. There shall be no posting of comparative quiz answers and the like. We appreciate you not getting us in trouble.

    DISCLAIMER: The Unofficial Clinic Manual is by no means an authority on the practice of dentistry or the operation of BUSDM. All knowledge and authority lies with the school. Do not use this resource as a definitive answer. The Administrators, moderators and other members of this site are not responsible for your education or the statements you make here within.

    That's it for now - if you can think of others let me know - PM me.

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